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Action in Waiting by Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt

Contents Foreword & Introduction - free download click here
1. Seeking the Kingdom
2. I Make All Things New
3. Get Busy and Wait!
4. The Savior Is Coming Now
5. Is God Still Dead?
6. The Kingdom Is at Hand!
7. Jesus Needs You – Not Your Religion
8. The New Life
9. Forget Yourself for God
10. God Is Seeking a Zion
11. Not Words, but Deeds
12. Christ Is Rising
13. What Do You Stand For?
14. Get Ready for Action
15. Don’t Push – Surrender!
16. The Power of God
17. Rejoice in the Lord
Afterword by Karl Barth

Clark Pinnock, author, The Flame of Love Blumhardt is filled with hope about the power of God to transform the world in concrete ways…His is a holy optimism grounded not in human prowess but in the triumphant grace of God.

Donald G. Bloesch, author, Wellsprings of Renewal The modern church needs to hear this social prophet. Here is a summons to act in confidence and courage in the firm expectation that God’s kingdom is at hand.

Click Here for free download Action in Waiting by Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt

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